Our employees at the planning department work with an automated planning system. The latest on-board computers allow our employees to be in constant on-line contact with the drivers. The GPS system shows whether the truck is on schedule, and whether the clients have been informed of the exact arrival times. Lievaart Expeditie stands for punctuality, quality and safety. These terms are very important to you, as they are to us.

Of course, good transport does not only depend on the drivers. Accurate planning is at the heart of Lievaart Expeditie success. Our planning in the hands of three different departments. A department for outgoing cargo (export), a department for returning cargo (import), and the transport guidance department is located between these two departments. They follow the trucks from the moment they leave the home base, until they return to the home base again after the journey. We are able to do this thanks to our advances GPS system created by Carrierweb, in combination with Transportview. This way, they are able to inform you of when the ordered goods will be delivered. It is of vital importance to us that when a shipment is loaded, you are able to trust that it will be handled quickly and correctly.