Flowers transported by Lievaart Expeditie will arrive in Italy on time, undamaged; the two key reasons to place your flowers in the experienced hands of the experts, Lievaart Expeditie.

However, experience alone is no longer sufficient in the current climate. Using state-of-the-art track and trace systems and temperature sensors, our planners will monitor your flowers throughout the entire process. If for any reason changes occur, you will be immediately informed. Service sits at the very top of our list.

This service includes looking after the admin involved in the packaging, for example the return of your Danish containers, panels, rods, containers, buckets and other types of kegs. This means you are free to focus entirely on your operations.

Lievaart Expeditie arbeitetet mit einem ausgeklügelten System, bei dem die Transportunternehmen an strategisch gewählten Orten den Fahrer wechseln. So wird auf der Fahrt nach Italien viel Zeit gewonnen, was Ihnen die frischesten Blumen in Italien einbringt.

After years of optimising the process, we also benefit from a highly polished rapid loading and off-loading routine at our various clients. Our trucks transporting your goods to Italy are always guaranteed to be first off the mark.

We are based in the Westland and Aalsmeer regions. Our head office is located in De Lier, complemented by a large team of employees and ample storage capacity in Aalsmeer. We also have plenty of trucks available during business hours to collect your goods from different locations, as well as the facilities to regroup and sort these at our own premises.

We have recently started to supply transport services to the retail sector; more proof - if such were needed - that Lievaart Expeditie always makes good on its promises. We are also happy to sign agreements specifying a maximum percentage of damaged / delayed freight, which provides us with a clear incentive to stick closely to our basic principles: fast, punctual and reliable.