General cargo


General cargo usually requires less specialist handling than the other types of transport Lievaart Expeditie is involved in, however Lievaart Expeditie is also an excellent choice for these types of goods.

Conditions such as the temperature and humidity are not so important with these goods, however the market still demands sharp delivery times and an efficient information flow.

Often only exceptionally narrow time slots are available both at the loading and the off-loading locations. In addition, these days clients will frequently demand smaller stocks, but with an increased frequency of delivery.

Many of these companies have observed that Lievaart Expeditie's professionalism contributes to concluding favourable agreements with their clients, including for example the creation of Service Level Agreements.

Please contact us at any time, as we always look forward to providing you with our free tailored advice. We would enjoy thinking in tandem with you regarding all your haulage requirements.