Because fruit (as well as vegetables) emits ethylene gas, combining these loads with plants and flowers for transportation is not a great idea. For this reason, Lievaart Expeditie chiefly transports fruit as return freight to the Netherlands.

We pick up the produce directly from the growers and horticulturalists; for example at the Italian grape growers on Sicily. So the next time you enjoy some juicy grapes, you might consider it may very well have arrived in your fruit bowl courtesy of Lievaart Expeditie!

When you work with Lievaart Expeditie, you come to expect premier quality. Thanks to the onboard technology in our hauliers' trucks, we are able to closely monitor the condition of your fruit.

We can offer a highly experienced team of drivers to look after and transport your precious freight. Before loading, the fruit is checked for the appropriate temperature and the cooling system set at the optimum level. This will ensure no unpleasant surprises come to light en route and the fruit arrives in exactly the condition you would expect it to.

Lievaart Expeditie is currently in the process of obtaining its IFS certificate. IFS stands for International Food Standard, a certificate guaranteeing quality in the transporting of foodstuffs (including fruit). Just one more guarantee for our reliability.