Fruit and vegetables emit ethylene gas which makes them unsuitable for combining with flowers and plants for transporting. This gas makes plants and flowers age faster.

Much of our transport to Italy consists of flowers and plants, and the return journeys often contain vegetables. These vegetables are loaded mostly in the north of Italy and off-loaded at various destinations throughout the Netherlands. The consignments include rocket, aubergines, carrots, fennel, tomatoes, various types of lettuce, artichokes, radicchio and paprikas.

Punctual, flexible, fast and reliable. Qualities that also apply to our transport of vegetables, ensuring many Dutch households enjoy fresh delicious Italian vegetables.

The vegetables are loaded at farms, growers or auction sites. The drivers our hauliers work with are all experienced in handling vegetables. Prior to loading, they first check that the vegetables are at the correct temperature and ensure they remain cooled to the appropriate level during transit. This is particularly important for many types of lettuce.

The trucks our hauliers use have two drivers on board, where required, to make certain that the vegetables arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. And of course this is an additional guarantee of quality.

Lievaart Expeditie has obtained its IFS certificate. IFS stands for International Food Standard, a certificate guaranteeing quality in the transporting of foodstuffs (including vegetables). Just one more guarantee for our reliability.