Plants are ‘live’ goods and need handling with extreme care. Lievaart Expeditie is centred entirely on getting your plants to where you need them to be, and in the best possible condition. And of course this applies both ways, consignments of plants being transported from the Netherlands to Italy and vice versa.

Our planners utilise state-of-the-art track and trace systems to monitor the progress of your plants. We also maintain the plants at the correct temperature using temperature sensors.

It is vital for plants to arrive at their destination in the shortest time possible. Our working method, in which we schedule drivers to change over at strategic points en route, combined with our rapid loading and off-loading times, guarantees we are the fastest haulier to and from Italy.

Even at peak times we make certain our loyal clients still experience our superior rapid transport services; we simply make sure our hauliers put on that extra truck.

Our outstanding reputation extends across borders: Lievaart Expeditie also aligns and groups loads from the German Rhein-Maas and Landgard auctions, as well as loads from Belgium and Denmark.

Plants we transport include delicate cuttings. These very young plants require even more care in handling than fully mature house plants. Cuttings are often of higher value, making it vital to place their transport in a safe and reliable pair of hands.

Small wonder then that a full gamut of companies choose to use Lievaart Expeditie's superior quality services; whether goods are grouped, part of a larger consignment or comprise a full load.